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Owning stock in Bank of Sun Prairie is an opportunity for you to invest in the bank that you know and trust, and that has taken care of families in the community for over 119 years.  Our bank has a proven track record of being financially stable, providing reliable dividends, and keeping our stockholders investment safe by maintaining superior capital ratios.  In 2018, dividends to share market value (based on the last 4 trades) yielded a 2.26% return for our stockholders.  Our bank is growing as evidenced over the past two years with asset growth of 14.57%.  Our focus of ensuring credit quality as our compass protects your investment.  In 2016, we ended the year with only .19% in delinquent loans over 30 days while non-performing loans decreased by 24%.  We believe Bank of Sun Prairie is a safe, sound, and secure investment that has tremendous upside potential!

For more details contact:

Jimmy Kauffman: [email protected] or Alan Sebranek: [email protected]